A tribute for a life taken (our Irish legend)

Photo: Erin Gaffney.

A character to be reckoned if you got on his wrong side, kind,
respected, life and soul of the party, well, certainly in Gerry’s mind
after a few too many, same as us all, I suppose.
Always had your back, a pure wind-up merchant, who sometimes would not let it go.

The youngest of a wild bunch, three brothers and his sister (not so wild) from Dublin’s northside. As wild as he was, Gerry the one to keep the brothers calm, so we understood when his antics went awry.

“Aye, Gerry is the sane one of the brothers!”

His work…


Salad glass noodle

Photo: Takeaway-own work. Wikipedia commons. file Yam Wun Sen.

“Yam Wun Sen”. “Salad long noodle”.
(Stretched rice noodles, extracting starch).
No relation to Paroma Sen, we would never, stretch nor devour
a member of the Sen family, dearest Paroma!

“Glass noodle salad”, as it’s commonly known by
the English speaking community, is a very; popular,
luscious dish found all around; (yes, you guessed it.) Thailand.

At first sight of this dish, I thought, “no way am I eating this slime!”
My loss, I can assure you.

Glass noodles are added to boiled water for one minute making them anything but slimy, no oils are harmed during this process. …


Brought to you from Jai Dee Home’s soul kitchen

Photo: James G. Brennan.

Homemade Naan Wrap Jai Dee Home, style.

Come and get your naan wrap!
A lovely large portion, not those little farty ones
you often see for sale served to you
from a plastic packet, it’s no wonder they’re so small!

Wonderfully warm homemade to perfection
Naan bread for you on the spot, what fillings do you desire?

Chicken, beef or large prawns,
plain salad if you prefer.
Panang, massaman or mayonnaise?
There are condiments on the tables
if you wish to mix up your own.

Chilli sauce or roasted dry chili’s,
black pepper, white pepper,
red or brown sauce, Himalayan pink salt…


What my humour has to say about Medium’s algorithm?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A reply to Anthi Psomiadou’s Algorithmicomedy. Only, it’s not that funny.

Not very rhythmical, not over here, East of Africa.
Like a lousy drummer who can’t keep time
throwing me out of… sync;
surely you were expecting no rhyme.

Over here, our face’s don’t fit; let’s not get started on stype.
No payment to Asians, poor Asians, they can stay poor.

Options disappearing off the menu
can’t use just my phone or just my computer
to order, one for starter, one for main course,
forget about dessert, not enough ones and naughts
stocked in the larder for even the simplest of treats.

The option…


Recipe memory flavour prompt response

Photo by Pixzolo Photography on Unsplash

Imagine in the pic above, Chunky chips and curry sauce, this is the best pic I could find.

Friday night, was a night to look forward to as a kid
growing up in a family with not that much.
Four of us kids, two boys two girls, myself the elder of the tribe, ha!

Dad worked as a highly skilled baker and confectioner
while Mam looked after us during the day.
Mam was also a skilled confectioner but gave it up to rear us kids.

Both Irish Catholics, strict as you like, still we turned out not too bad. …


Free verse

Photo by Michael Soledad on Unsplash

Removing these ill-fitting glasses,
pulling my hands across my brow over my hair;
head back fingers clasped, a yawn comes from deep within
releasing a gasp, gurgle in my throat as the back arches a shudder.

Newly found ulna shoulder nerve pain travels through the elbow
numbing pinky and ring fingers, bad posture for
eighteen months sitting with phone and computer
feeding obsession unable to tear away from their keys.

Communicating with the screen through cumbersome middle fingers or thumbs, wondering, what is this touch type I hear people speak of?
Is it a secret language? …

James G Brennan

Writing eclectic free verse poetry also a few stories. Enjoying reading your words too! "Everything in life is writable about" Sylvia Plath.

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