Ubuntu: I am because you are

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Photo: James. G. Brennan.

We started our journey together born in our African Eden
without a story, the story became us
what we achieved together as one
growing together, loving together, learning together.

Together, that’s how we made it, this life
this species, surviving, without each other
we are no one; we all had a mother, mother is our earth.
Ubuntu: I am because you are.

Travelling over lands across seas
adapting to new circumstance
living, fucking and dying together
our experiences shaping us.

Giving new life through our seeds birthing generations of our species new ideas further development, advancing our race against many…


For Keef my boss and brother a tribute

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Photo: James G. Brennan

To trip the light fantastic means to dance, usually ballroom dancing. The idiom trip the light fantastic has its roots in the poem L’Allegro written by John Milton: “Come, and trip it as you go / On the light fantastic toe.” — source Grammarist.

Two years to the day they found you hanging from a rope,
a bright shining star sending shock waves around the world,
an inspiration to so many one the system could not control
dancing the light fantastic as you moved around the stage.

Your wild character showing many it’s ok to be different your voice became…


Free verse

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Photo by Shawn Appel on Unsplash

Sudden memory becomes scary.
The more loss, the more frightening it becomes
until the point is reached where there really is not
much going on up there.

The fear leaves;
with only the need to lie down and sleep,
perhaps this state will rectify itself
and things will return to normal.

They do; the realisation of the event
becomes all the more terrifying.
When memory is lost is the brain shutting down?
Cognitive function’s becoming null and void,
is this the future?

James G Brennan 2021

I recently had an episode described above. It turns out it was lack of…


Free Verse

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Photo: James G. Brennan. For real.

I’m feeling rather strange these days,
my wife says I eat too much pork,
I admit I do enjoy delicious pig meat
it’s become my staple diet.

Bacon and sausage on toast for breakfast,
B.L.T for lunch,
pork stirfry or curry for dinner.
For a special treat, I have delicious pork chops!

Well, my wife insisted I stop eating so much chicken,
so pork became my next best choice.
As I read, it’s more healthy than red meat
but still, my wife is not happy.

My wife believes pork is changing my looks, I believe she is a drama queen…


Ubuntu we are because we are

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Photo: James G. Brennan.

Ubuntu: I am because you are.

We move through troublesome times
some more so than others,
all suffering the effect of this raging fire
however big or small.
There’s only one true way to put out this fire;
we all become one again, one mind one heart one spirit
joining together across oceans of hope.

Faith in a vaccine to do our work for us will not help those without access, our responsibility to one another so far has not bore the fruit so needed for our fellow brothers and sisters, often forgetting we are born under the same tree…


Free verse

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Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

Just tell them what they want to hear,
you can go about your business.

Just tell them what they want to hear,
they will look the other way.

Just tell them what they want to hear,
to defeat the opposition.

Just tell them what they want to hear,
they will let you kiss their babies.

Just tell them what they want to hear,
they want it to be true.

Just tell them what they want to hear,
it makes life easy for them.

Just tell them what they want to hear,
you can make illicit deals.

Just tell them what…


What would luck look like if you held it in your hands a Vagabond Voices prompt challenge

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Photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri on Unsplash

Time and time again I stare
at glistening warm seawater held in my hands
thinking how lucky I am to have been presented
with the right life choices to act upon.

One freezing winter’s morning
in between jobs with little else to do
other than go and meet friends in Irish bars,
my phone and I both sat idle
patiently waiting to be buzzed with exciting news.

I stopped looking at the poor fella as I’m sure
my projection was affecting its performance.
Nah, that didn’t work either.

Then came the suggestion I needed; “Don’t hang around here; you have…

James G Brennan

Writing eclectic free verse poetry also a few stories. Enjoying reading your words too! "Everything in life is writable about" Sylvia Plath.

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