Free verse poetry

Photo by Felipe Galvan on Unsplash

Today was the day you were to return to me,
If only for a two-week break it was two weeks
we were looking forward to.

Six weeks so far working in a restaurant
to lessen the financial burden
I felt unnecessary, but you are made that way.

Now your home province holds you in its grip
smothering the life out of our relationship.

Covid came back, brought by those sneaking across borders
spreading like wildfire by the complacent who believe
they are exempt from the trials of life.

Nightclub along with bar owners love a good night’s entertainment, as do…


Free verse poetry

Photo: James G. Brennan. Outside our home on the sea horizon.

These recurring dreams
come with fear, excitement and wonder.

Lightning strikes the ground lingering
as if probing for information, is it looking for me?
I hide anyway in awe of its power.

Wanting to touch it as if it could be understanding,
knowing it is not;
it’s a dream to connect with absolute energy.

Desiring it to stay, wanting it to leave,
if it sees me it will strike, leaving nothing but cinders
or an absolute nothing, not even a soul.

James G Brennan 2021

This piece is a response to day five of The National Poetry Month 2021 “Recurring…


Free verse response to Literary Impulse Day 12 Prompt- Paradox

I see your radiance right here in front of me,
a bright shining star full of life.
A vibrant precious jewel
wearing night like no other.

You took forever to get here
and are certainly worth the wait.
Inspirational in the minds of many
yet others say you are dead!

Here you are for me on this night
I am in awe of your presence, your beauty
and will forever be.

James G Brennan 2021

This piece is a response to day Twelve of The National Poetry Month 2021 with…

Photo: James G. Brennan.

A response to Lisa Brolin for National Poetry…


Collaboration in Amy Jasek’s National Poetry Month project day 8

Photo Credit: Jen Brimmage

There’s a kind of satisfaction
walking through this quiet street, lights dimming
against dawns rising hue after my night shift has finished.
A pause before the early shift starts when the odd figure
may break up the scene I feel belongs to me.

This time relished when being a lone wolf gets to
roam freely around territory that does not belong to me,
however, it’s good to fantasise if just for a short while.

There’s always a store open early enough with delivery
to buy illicit booze giving a slight decadent feeling
as most would be drinking a morning coffee.


A prose poetry response to “Hope”

Photo: James G. Brennan.

April 2020.

Hopefully, people will listen, by the end of the summer
this will be over; life should be back to normal.

September 2020

Hopefully, people will realize how serious this is, start behaving
themselves, we can save Christmas and New Year.

December 2020

Hopefully, people have got it by now; they can’t beat it,
we can probably start looking at opening Easter time,
a late start for the season, carry on through a normally quiet low season.

March 2021

Hopefully, enough people will have had the vaccine to open next season. …


Free verse response to Literary Impulse Day 4 prompt- wanderer

Image by janeb13 from Pixabay

Propelled towards Innerspace
travelling backwards through genetic time,
a trip down memory lane wandering ancestral plains.

Light-footed senses on full alert
seeing with clarity, hearing silence of still air,
the feel of the wooden spear, taste awareness of fresh air,
smelling long grass and shit of bison.

Alive, frightened, adrenaline rush,
excited heart quickens in unison with those around me.

Bison herd unaware they are prey.
silence; graceful stealth before primordial cries,
startled beast cut down with hunters spears.

One is enough; the herd flees.

My mind my sensations overwhelmed,
unlocked memories contained in genetic history.

I come to; enriched…

James G Brennan

Writing eclectic free verse poetry also a few stories. Enjoying reading your words too! "Everything in life is writable about" Sylvia Plath.

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