Lived In Face

In age, there are lines in lines there is knowledge

Lived In Face. Poem.
Photo By Martha Love.

I like your face,
It’s a lived-in face
Lots of lines
That tell stories,
Not smooth
Filled with character
Full of the things
We all would love to hear,
The things we were too afraid to do,
The things we now live
Through you.

We love your face
Full of experience
From the world
We’d maybe like to experience
Perhaps a world we are afraid of,
But here we have you,
Our guide,
Our mentor,
To tell us to give us
The experience and knowledge
We crave, yet
Need to live
Through someone
Just like you.

For Gerry.

Thank you all for reading. As Gerry and meself always used to say to each other… Always. J.🙏